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About Makahiki on Molokai

Each year, we celebrate Makahiki season by taking an accounting of all the blessings we enjoyed for the year, celebrate our success and prosperity and petition for the needs of the people and island for the upcoming year. Over time, the way we have celebrated has changed but the core reasons for prayer, thanksgiving and celebration has remained the same. 
Traditional Makahiki festivities continued uninterrupted until 1919. In 1982, Molokai residents felt the need to revive these traditions in the community and reestablished the festival with games, food, music. Happening almost simultaneously, Molokaians were also involved in trying to stop the bombing of Kahoʻolawe by US military forces and their allies, and reestablishing Makahiki ceremonies on Kahoʻolawe eventually led to the bombing halt. 
Through the years, Molokai has hosted canoe races, diving tournaments, surf meets, and of course, the school wide competitions to determine the best athletes across the island. We eventually opened it up to competitors from off island and the event has grown in prominence and esteem to make it the ultimate tournament of champions in Hawaiʻi. 
Below are links to a few articles and videos of past events.

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Resources about Makahiki on Molokai

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